My Curly Mane

Above: My Curly Mane in its normal state (on left) and animated (on right).

The hair on your head can be the “mane” extension of who you are or just another piece of you.

Regardless of how you define it, those natural curls and kinks are, at many times, a reflection of how you’re feeling at the different phases in your life.

Just like the different versions of ourselves, it’s important that we embrace our hair in its various forms, particularly in its natural state. Whether you are just being introduced to your tresses (check out these tips and information for newly natural gals) or falling in love with them all over again, this blog is for you.

This Blog

I created MyCurlyMane® to inspire other curlies and share stories about naturally curly hair, spirituality, and life’s journey … as well as to quit boring my non curly victims family members and friends with the joys and challenges of having naturally curly hair (read My Hair Story for details). It is my hope that this blog will educate, entertain, and help you with your curly mane as you navigate the updos and downs (and sometimes hair-raising adventures!) of life.


  • Product Reviews and Battles – Details on how items work with our curly hair and stack up against each other.
  • Tips – Quick and easy information to help you care for your curls. This includes styles for both work and play.
  • News – The hair-raising ins and outs on textured tresses in the media.
  • CurlSpottings – Profiles of curlies spotted on the tube, in magazines, and even in passing. We’re popping up everywhere!
  • Musings – Lessons learned through life and being a curly girl.
  • Quotes – Sage advice from insightful writers and thought seekers.
  • Awards – Recognition for ladies with epic hair aka Hair Hall of Famers.
  • Doodles and Artistic Splashes – The (literally) painted picture … because life is animated!

Comments & Participation

Nay from MyCurlyMane

Above: Nay from My Curly Mane

Please share your thoughts and stories!! If you have hair tips, overcame challenges (with your hair or in life), or you or someone you know would like to be “CurlSpotted,” please contact me. I’ll share the good news. You’re more than welcomed to comment on posts on this site. I enjoy hearing your insights and will try to respond as soon as possible. While you’re entitled to your opinions, please note that I don’t condone bullying or offensive language. It’s just not cool. 😉

Product Links & Ads

You’ll notice that most products that I use and recommend have links to Amazon or other sites, where you can purchase these items. If you click on these links and purchase items, thank you! I will receive a small commission which will be used in support of this site. This is at no extra cost to you. In addition, I’ve provided other, mainly visual ads that highlight products you may be interested in. Once again, you will not be charged for clicking on these links. If you decide to purchase items through this site or elsewhere, please let me know your experience with these items, questions, and how I can offer support.


As for me, I’ve been a naturally curly girl all my life (as mentioned in My Hair Story) and enjoy sharing and exchanging hair knowledge. I’m also a writer, artist, marketer, instructor, and all-around free-spirited gal!


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Thank you and happy reading!

~ Nay

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