Ballerina Buns Are Not For Spinsters!

High Bun Photos

Above: Celebrities wearing high buns. Photo Credit for Miss Universe: pageantcast

No longer regulated for spinsters and schoolmarms, high buns have made a comeback! Gone are the days that buns rendered images of awkward ladies with lipstick stained teeth. From Demi Lovato to Jennifer Lopez, celeb after celebs are donning this ’do as a way to dress up their look.

Need further proof that this ballerina-esk style is #gonewiththewindfabulous? When Olivia Culpo took the stage during the Miss Universe pageant a month ago, she wore a massive, eye-catching high bun. Guess what? I noticed her bunned regality during the competition and even mentioned it on Twitter. Did you see it? Retweet if you did. Sure enough, Culpo and her high bun won the competition! If these glamour gals got it down, er, high up, then we can too!

Wearing your hair in a bun aka bunning is the perfect solution to bad hair days. It is not only chic, but it is also a protective style. It allows our ends to be carefully tucked and sheltered into our hair, freeing them from exposure to the elements. While I recognize this benefit, I used to bypass this style because it seemed too difficult for me to do. Wrong! It’s actually easy peasy. In fact, our textured tresses are perfectly suited for this look. I’ve got it down, and now I want you to get it too!

Get This Look!

The directions below are for creating a traditional bun as opposed to a top knot (more of a knot-like formation). This look is best styled on second-day, wash and go hair—perfect for those of you who can’t nail down second-day looks. You can also bun hair that’s currently in or freed from twists and braids.

ToolsHair Stylers Black Mesh Chignon

    • Hair Donut/Sock Bun (see pic at the right) – I visited a couple of beauty supply stores until I found the right donut, but you can make one out of an old rolled up sock or stockings. Just cut off the foot area and make sure it’s the right size for your hair length. Now you know you have at least one gym sock that’s missing its buddy. Snag it!
    • Rubber band without metal clasp
    • Bobby pins – I used about 5 long pins for securing the bun and 3 short pins for tucking in flyaways/shorter curls.
    • Gel – I whipped out my old trusty Eco Styler Gel.
    • Oil – Any will do. I used Vatika Oil.
    • Headband – Optional
    • Boar Bristle Brush – Optional

High Bun on Natural HairSteps

  1. Oil hair to soften curls, particularly if it’s been previously styled with gel. This will make your hair a bit more supple.
  2. Pull your hair to the top of your head and position it at the crown. Before you leave it there, run and face the mirror. Does this position work for your face? Look at the angles of your jawline and face shape. You may want to gather your hair a little further forward or backward.  It’s up to you.
  3. Secure your hair in its position with a rubber band. Waaaiiiit! Remember not to make it too tight. We have to watch those sensitive edges! It’s okay if your high pony isn’t perfect.  In fact, a messy bun works just as nicely.
  4. Grab your donut (purchased or make-shift) and slide your ponytail through the donut hole.
  5. Part hair in center of your pony and wrap it around the donut. As you wrap your hair, tuck your ends under or nearly under your donut and secure it with a bobby pin. Ideally, you want to cover the donut completely. Take a 360 view of your head to ensure that your sock bun is covered.
  6. Got short, loose curls sticking out from the back of your head? Wraps the ends around a short bobby pin and tuck it into your hair. Make sure that the pin runs vertically/semi-vertically, so it blends into your curls.
  7. Oil fingers and smooth down frizzy strands.
  8. For a precise bun, apply gel to the front, sides, and back of your hair—not the bun itself! You can use a boar bristle brush to assist in the finish. This will give you a smoother look.

Voila! You’re done. Now you’re serving face! Leave your hair as is or dress it up with accessories.

Bonus Tips: Dressing It Up

High Bun On Naturally Curly Hair

  • I have a thin, uneven hairline, which bugs me when my hair is pulled back. Solution: I use a headband to finish the look and help frame my face.
  • Add a bow to the back of your bun for flair.
  • Use faux color on your hair or just towards the ends for a highlighted bun.


Once you get this down, you’ll be able to take your own spin on it. Watch out! It’s addictive!

Are you a fan or foe of high buns? Sound off below!

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