CurlSpotting: Bethenny’s Talk Show Gets Captivated By Curls – Part I

Blake Sunshine's curly hair on Bethenny talk show

“Look at that sexy hair!” exclaims Bethenny Frankel during her talk show. Blake Sunshine, a studio audience member, steals the show with her captivating curls. Please excuse this pic’s quality, but you get the gist—A-maaazing!

You may have heard that the June 25th episode of Bethenny Frankel’s talk show featured Kris Jenner of the infamous K-clan (fun interview), but if you’re a curlie like me, you caught the real star of the show–curls!

A random studio audience member named Blake Sunshine (she clearly and maybe purposely stated her name) asked Bethenny some question I can’t even recall. All I can remember seeing was a glow, literally a sun-shining halo of amazing, blond curls.

Miss Sunshine was working it and rightfully so. Bethenny even took notice, saying, “Look at that sexy hair!” Miss Sunshine was later invited to join the show’s cooking segment. Perhaps this isn’t the last time we’ll see those curls again!

Read updated post/Part II (video clip included)


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