CurlSpotting: On The Tube, June 2013

Pam Grier on lg-tv

Actress Pam Grier circa 1970s

More and more, all types of curlies are popping up everywhere on the television screen. Each time I spot an awesome chica with natural hair, it makes me want to break into a happy dance. For those of us who are a little longer in the tooth, there was a day, once upon a time, when you’d be hard pressed to see a lady on TV with natural hair. I’m not talking about the good ol’ 70s when actresses like Pam Grier and Cicely Tyson were holding it down with their braids and afros … pause. Please tell me that you’re familiar with both ladies. If not, I banish thee to Google, now!

Anyhoo, we’re at another turning point, which will hopefully last beyond generational trends and politics. It’s difficult to forecast since anything is possible. For now, let’s optimistically hope that this popularity in pop culture is the new normal (crosses fingers).

The first sighting I caught in June is one that I’m sure you’ve already seen. Old Navy gave Boys II Men some props by featuring the boy band (are they too mature for such a title?) in a commercial, titled “In-Flight Entertainment.” In the spot, the Boys treat us to their classic hit, “I’ll Make Love To You” while seemingly aboard an airplane.

The skit continues with ladies in white Old Navy pants strutting down the aisle, including … you guessed it—a naturally curly girl. Not only does our natural haired gal model, but she also has a speaking part during which she gushes about her pants. You’ll notice that her hair looks as if it’s styled in a braid-out. Upon closer analysis (consisting of pausing, rewinding, and playing the commercial at least five times), it looks as if the model’s texture is indeed natural. Thumbs up Old Navy!

Cheerios also got cool points for featuring an interracial couple and their beautiful biracial girl. While the young lady questions her mother about Cheerios, all I could look at was the pretty brown curls that perfectly framed her sweet face. Sadly, some viewers were too busy focusing on the couples pairing, and the commercial became controversial. For what??? Ah, people. C’mon! Watch and you be the judge … of her hair, please.

The Wendy Williams Show frequently attracts some of the most stylish ladies, particularly natural haired mavens. So, I wasn’t surprised when, on June 13, Wendy’s “eye candy of the day” happened to be a naturally curly girl. While she introduced herself (her name sounds like Hafeesa), all I could look at was her huuuge fro. It looked soooo majestic, and of course, it topped off her outfit.

In fact, Wendy commented by saying, ““I love your natural hair. It’s big and beautiful.” She also then made a point of noting to all of us viewers that it’s all hers. Yes, real and styled in a wash and go. Weeeerrrrk!

Wendy Williams Audience Member with Natural Hair

Wendy Williams stands next to her “eye candy of the day.”














Did you catch these or other curlies in June? Do tell below!

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