CurlSpotting: On The Tube, January 2013

Wendy Williams Show Model with Natural Hair

This curlie was spotted literally working realness on the Wendy Williams Show.

Whether you’re tuning to the tube or flipping through mags, these days it’s tough not to spot at least one curly mane shining brightly. *My curly mane drops down and throws hands in the air.* Oh, thank you! Thank you curlies for embracing your manes! It’s thanks to you that me and other former lone wolves don’t have to field endless questions about what’s going on at the top of our heads. Yes, there’ll always be some questions and general interest, but at least we’re no longer gawked at like some form of endangered species.

This is one of the reasons why I love to spotlight those of you who are out there, proudly sporting textured tresses. This includes curlies, who while shelling out products, are also inadvertently (or advertently based on who’s puppet-stringing in the marketing division ;)) showcasing natural hair. This group also includes those talented ladies, who while working their wicked manes, stand out for simply being themselves.

In case you’ve missed it, grab a snack and relax. Let me fill you in on the latest batch of curlies—spotted!

Working Realness On Wendy

On January 13, 2013, The Wendy Williams Show featured American fashion designer Norma Kamali. She is best known for her sleeping bag coat, a garment made from silk parachutes—think of your fave blanky remixed with Missy Elliot’s “I Can’t Stand The Rain” garbage bag outfit and stitched to meet the sophistication of Audrey Hepburn. Still with me? Picture it for a moment and come back.

While Kamali was at Wendy, she treated us to a mini fashion show of her latest threads worn by real women. Out of the group, my eyes could not stop staring at a curvaceous curlie killing it on the catwalk. She’s not only stunning, but her hair is to.die.for.! Lady, we applaud you.

Pretty-Poofing On The Phone

You already know that Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the hottest phones on the market. So, I almost ignored the commercial when I heard it coming on the TV. That was until I looked up and spotted—another curlie! This curly girl had me running to the TV to freeze frame and drool over her hair. Although I’ve been rocking a middle part for the last month, I’m now contemplating how to construct a wickedly deep side part ala this mop-top maven.

Natural Hair in Samsung S3 Commercial

Forget the phone, I want her hair!

Mega Musical Mane At The Beyoncé Bowl

We all know the facts. Beyoncé killed it at the Super Bowl. While I was in a daze, taking Bey in and two-stepping it to “Single Ladies,” I paused for just a second. Can you guess when? Not when Kelly and Michelle popped up onto the stage. Not when Beyoncé started super stomping and dutty whining. Yup, you guessed it. It was when famed guitarist Bibi McGill took the stage with her exploding guitar and electric mane. McGill, the event’s musical director, delivered not only in the presentation but also with her fierce ’fro.

In case you were busy sulking because the Giants weren’t in the Super Bowl (like I was at first) or passed out from a food coma (like I was late in the evening), check out Bibi’s solo and curly mane in the half-time video (Bibi literally explodes onto the stage at 3:13).

Get These Looks

All of the ladies mentioned above are showcasing the beauty of wash-and-go hair. If you’re still wondering how you can get solid wash and wear results, read and try my 10 steps.

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