CurlSpotting: VMAs 2012

A natural haired beauty works a high top fade, steals scene from Rihanna.

Approximately 6.1 million of you tuned in to watch this year’s MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) either to catch a glimpse of One Direction, laugh with Kevin Hart, listen to Pink rock out, or watch how the Chris Brown-Rihanna-Drake saga would unfold. However, do you know the true star of the show? Spotted! Two unique manes!

Our first curlie cat walked to the beat of her own drum. I’m not talking about the typical spirally locks that are highlighted in the media. Our natural haired lady took it waaay back to Hammer time! She, whose name I unfortunately don’t know, was one of the night’s models. She was tasked with escorting winners to and from the stage.

She immediately caught my eye when pop star Rihanna accepted her award. Ri Ri looked spectacular, and I was focused on her until … a leggy beauty handed her a VMA. The model’s svelte, sexy frame was complemented by her sparkly dress and … high top fade!  Yes, this beauty took the afro to new heights … literally! Her look was signature Grace Jones. I wouldn’t be surprised if experimental Rihanna also made a mental download of her hair and will mirror it as her next look.

This curlie was spotted stealing the show from Taylor Swift.

Just as I was in awe of this feminine fade, out came yet another natural beauty onto the stage. Our second gal was spotted performing as a backup singer for country teen queen Taylor Swift. In fact, she wasn’t in the background. She was performing side by side with the star for the majority of the performance, placing her full-on curly mane on display, on display, on display (okay, enough with The Real Housewives reference). She whipped her curls about, animating the song and easily drawing me in.

Did you see it?? Are you inspired to rock out with these looks? If you’ve always done braid-outs, follow our second curlie and try a wash and go (click here for my 10 steps). If you’re looking for a funky new look, especially if you are big chopping, try our first gal’s ‘do. You can even take it to another level and add colors or designs! A bit too extreme for me, but still a pretty cool look indeed.

Have you tried a fade or similar unique look? Did you steal the show? Feel free to share your story below.

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