CurlSpotting: Wendy Williams’ Curly Audience Member

“What could possibly be wrong? I mean really, you’re cute!” Wendy Williams complements a curly audience member … and her mane. You know she was checking out the mane!

Curlspotted at Wendy Williams!











I see you curlie! Shaking that mane. Shaking that mane.

It happened to me once before when watching Bethenny Frankel’s talk show, and now again at Wendy Williams’ June 27th episode. Another great curly mane is spotted! That’s twice in one week that a naturally curly haired audience member stole the show.

This curly girl, Sasha, stood up to ask Wendy a question. Her picked out fro was in full display. Wendy proceeded to say, “What could possibly be wrong? I mean really, you’re cute!”

I, like Wendy, proceeded to stare at Sasha’s hair (see photo). Her style appears to be a picked out afro. I just hope her dilemma (can’t remember what it was, blind sighted by her mane) was finally solved.

Did you see her curly mane?

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