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Hey Curlies! After a waaaaayyyy too long hiatus, My Curly Mane is back! Yes, just in time for the New Year. I want to start 2014 on a good foot by updating this blog more frequently and bringing you more of what you love. Soooo sorry to keep you hanging!

What Had Happened Was …

Now what exactly happened, you ask? Well, (takes a deep breath; raises right hand; and promises to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth) I had to focus more on the ever-moving pieces in my life. I hate to make excuses, but a few new projects came my way, which required my full attention. I found myself having minimal time and energy to write, although I had tons of new hair products to review and ideas brewing in the brain. By the time I knew it, months blew by, and we’re now bumping up against a new year. Bad news bears.

BTW–I don’t know how I forgot to mention this when I first uploaded this post. I was sick for nearly a month! I had the flu, which wiped me out for two weeks. I’m still battling a lingering and annoying cough. Hate being sick! That was definitely a time suck.

I apologize again for being MIA! The good news? As I mentioned, I’ve got new news coming your way in 2014, so stay tuned (yes, again)! This is my New Year’s resolution for you.

Looking Back

As for my curly mane, my natural hair goal remains the same–to have waist-length tresses. So far, I’m in good shape, although I have been sporting straightened locks these last few months. Gasp, ya say! Well, that’s what happens when you’re not around to pull me away from my straightening addiction. 🙁 I must admit that I have had some control in the process. I only used minimal heat on my hair and even deep treated it a few times following this style. I found myself experimenting with the traditional comb-chase method of straightening, a departure from my usual straightening technique with a Sonicglide. More on this as well as my length check in an upcoming post.

Looking back on 2013, we missed a very, very important milestone … My Curly Mane turned one year old!!! Yes, it’s been a little over a year since our baby made its debut. Thank you for your support!! I’m so happy that you are reading this blog and hope that it has helped you to make strides in your hair journey. This keeps me motivated. I kept my promise for 2013 and spruced up the look of this blog. Now, I promise to keep the tips and other bits flowing for 2014. More on the belated celebratory affairs soon!

What We Learned

Natural hair wash and go My Curly Mane

My Curly Mane as seen this month. Making progress! Coming soon: Details on my wash ‘n go look with As I Am Smoothing Gel.

We learned so many lessons this year. Last winter, we learned how to winter proof our poof, a tip I urge you to use again this season. This includes sporting satin-lined hats (still sporting the one I got from Etsy last year–love!), conducting regular scalp massages, and loading up on leave-in conditioner.

In fact, we put two of my beloved leave-in conditioners to the test in another epic product battle and discovered just how important these products are in improving our hair’s condition. Stylistically, we discovered that we absolutely love ballerina buns (no, not because of those incessant Hot Buns commercials). While personally/spiritually, we promised to ignore “Negative Nancies.” Stay far, far away from them in 2014!

You & Me in 2014

This upcoming year is ours! Let’s go in roaring like a lion. Together, let’s work on achieving the next step in our hair goal, while being an even better version of ourselves. We’re proudly rocking our curly manes, going big or going home, and sticking our fingers in our ears to shut out all naysayers and soul suckers. This is our plan, in case you missed the memo. 😉

Before you dive into the New Year, don’t forget to snag my new eBook. Please subscribe to get your free copy of this guide! Hopefully, it will serve as a blueprint throughout your journey.

Kick-off Style

I plan to have a low-key celebration with my BF and friends to ring in 2014, so the look of the day will be simple and naturally free flowing curls as seen in the image above. How are you styling your hair?? Don’t know? Check out the creative looks below from a few ladies that I think got it right. Let me know if you decide to do the same. I wish you many blessings for the New Year!!

Side Puff,  Heatless Hair Style (try subbing the ribbon for a little bling … or a blingy ribbon!)

Glittery Smokey Eye Tutorial & DIY Short Marley Twists (Skip to 3:28 for the hair tutorial)


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