Holiday Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Like chestnuts roasting on an open fire, the holiday season is ablaze! I hope you are enjoying it, whether you are celebrating traditionally or just going about your days. If you have dinner plans or are heading out on the town, I’ve got holiday hairstyles for you to ring in the new year, courtesy of a few savvy YouTube vloggers. I purposely selected these on-camera mavens since their textures vary from my own and showcase natural hair’s versatility. If you’re like me, you often desire to mix up your look but need baby steps. These styles are simple, so trust me, curlie. We can do them too!

Dinner Party Looks

Our first vlogger, IamNaturallyCurious, presents a sophisticated updo. Stop right there! Don’t get overwhelmed by the final look. I was right there with you, ready to click out of the screen, until I watched this lady easily twist her hair into this classic style. Add pins, garnish, heck even left over Christmas decor, and you’re more than ready for tea with the queen. Sit back and enjoy the music!

Ms. RosieVelt takes another spin on the classic updo by working her hair into a low twisted bang and braided back. One of the best things about this look is that it doesn’t require neat parts and rolls. Instead, you can keep it loose and even a little messy, and it still looks pretty darn neat for formal or informal events.

Fun Time Style

For my ladies who really want to stand out, there’s the infamous hair bow, famously sported by Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton. Vlogger Cassandre Beccai walks us through a quick and easy tutorial. I just love, love this look! Oh, and no, I don’t care that I’m not 5 years old. I will be one of those ladies who wears pigtails til the age of 80, God willing! For a different spin, work the hair bow into a half up (hair bowed), half down look.

Talk Of The Town TWA

For my ladies with teeny-weeny afros (TWAs), there are styles for you as well. TWAs truly help to showcase our facial beauty, but did you know that they can be worked into lovely looks? InTheTikiLounge shows us how to dress up shorter hair, so you won’t get stuck with the same ol’ style.

Bonus Tips

Want to mix it up? Adorn these looks with headbands, hairpins, clips, and even faux color (view my recent post on a temporary color trick). You can also use them as blue prints for your own look. Get creative!

If you try any of these styles or variations of your own, please let me know. Post pics, comments, tips, etc. below! Happy Holidays!

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