Kim K’s “Wild, Crazy” Mane

Kim Kardashian channels Diana Ross. Photo by Hype Williams. Photo Credit:

From TV to magazines, it’s hard not to keep up with the Kardashians since they are just about everywhere, particularly the family’s star, Kim. Recently, Kim K. publicized her experimental hair style in which she channeled Supreme du jour Diana Ross circa the 1970s. Donning big, curly hair and lots of makeup, Kim Kardashian struck a few diva-esk poses.

In describing the look, Kim says that she and her glam squad “went for a fun, crazy look.” Let’s listen to this again. It was a “fun, crazy look.” Even celeb reporters have covered this story by highlighting Kim’s “wild” look. Call me captain over analytical, but is it true that full, natural hair is also a crazy look? Let’s rewind here and clarify.

I love Kim’s makeup in the pics, which is for most purposes too dramatic for day wear but perfect for this shoot. I’m honing in on her hair, which I adore. That same ‘do is quintessential Diana Ross back in her heyday, and she was herald for it. Today, as women are embracing their naturally curly hair once more, I have to pause and ask, “Is natural hair a wild, crazy look?”

Natural hair is big and can even reach the same lengths and volume in real life that Kim possessed with her magic hair. Does this mean that this same look is fun and crazy when it’s for kicks and not as the actual look coming from your head? Is it only acceptable when being experimental?

Kim Kardashian’s look is inspired by Diana Ross. Photo by Hype Williams. Photo Credit:

I’m only drawing this correlation because of the many hair commercials that you and I have seen. How many times have you heard products—mousses, gels, sprays, serums, and chemical concoctions—aimed at “fixing frizz” and “taming wild hair?” This is of course followed by models of all ethnicities celebrating the results of their straightened locks instead of their “frizzy” curly hair. We even have a host of salons that cater to cuts that tame curly hair, helping to reduce the bulk.

This brings me back to my initial question. Is curly hair equivalent to wild hair? Hmmm. Perhaps, depending on your comfort with natural hair. As a naturally curly gal my whole life, I’m quick to say that my curly mane is … my hair. It is what it is, and I am who I am. Yes, it’s big. As it flops and swirls in the wind, it can look a bit free spirited. However, it isn’t something that necessarily needs taming or fixing. There’s no need to beat it into submission through products or other methods … or is that exactly what us curly girls do on our quest for products that work for us?

Whether you consider it naturally wild or not, naturally curly manes can roar. Its beauty commands attention by nature. To gain it, the curls will often volumize itself. For those of you with quieter manes, there are techniques you can use to turn up the volume (see my post on using an afro pik).

If having naturally curly hair is living on the wild side, ladies it’s time to channel your inner Miss Ross. Bend over, shake, fluff, or pic your mane. Go big or go home! 😉

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