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Above: A Maxiglide XP

Do you remember those infomercials with that clever straightener that claimed to steam as opposed to burning hair while straightening—without blow drying? Better yet, do you remember that those same infomercials featured a curlie with thiiiick, long natural hair, which was steamed straight right before our very eyes? Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, those incessant commercials were for the Maxiglide.

After watching them a million times, I was convinced to purchase a model from the Home Shopping Network (HSN). At first, I didn’t like how its pins (used to separate strands as you iron) snagged my hair and caused split ends, so I put it away and considered it a loss. I waited too long to return it and simply forgot about it. This was during my prime product junkism, and if something didn’t work on demand, I was on to the next!

That was until I re-discovered the Maxiglide a year later thanks to vlogger LeobodyC5 from YouTube. If you’ve seen LeobodyC5 aka big sister in my head, you’ll know that she has amazing, long, natural hair. Trust me. It’s good stuff! After seeing her results, I dug into my closet and dusted off the Maxiglide. I patiently and carefully ran the iron through my hair and loved the results.

The Maxiglide made my hair big, fluffy, and light. It had crazy body and easily produced waves and curls from taking down high buns or roller setting my hair overnight. Even in high humid weather, my hair would revert into bountiful curls. It was also easy to use, as I’d braid out my hair at night and straighten it in the morning. Roller sets prior to straightening always produced the best results.

Now here’s the problem. I used the Maxiglide on a weekly basis. Surprisingly, I was able to return to healthy natural curls, but I also got a lot of split ends. This led to regular trims and barely any length retention due to frequent cuts. All in all it’s a good straightener once you get the technique down and use it on occasion.

Model Drama

In my letter below, you’ll notice that I had a complaint about the changes in Maxiglide’s models. In the last four years or so, the company behind Maxiglide, Maxius Beauty, came out with a cheaper model—the Maxiglide Xpress—which began to replace the Maxiglide MP (smaller sized model) and Maxiglide XP (larger sized model that I preferred). While my XP was working, I wanted to have a backup model (MP or XP) to travel with. Unfortunately, all models are apparently sold out everywhere. It’s not even available on Maxius Beauty’s Website, so I contacted the company. Yeah, I did it! I rang the bell! … Okay, I gently knocked on the door. The conversation went (via email) as stated below.

Sent on April 19, 2012 (I was serious, but a bit silly. Can’t help it!):

Letter to Maxiusbeauty



















 Reply from Maxiglide Customer Service on April 20, 2012, following a previous email exchange with them. This response was after I clarified my situation further. Maxius Beauty informed me in their previous email (not included below) that they are launching a new straightener called the Sonicglide. Personal details/name of a company contact was removed for privacy.:

Response from Maxiusbeauty














The Low down

I was supposed to track down a copy of my receipt from the HSN (where I once ordered my models from). However, I never got around to doing so, so I can’t complain. I am eagerly awaiting the launch of the Sonicglide. It was supposed to make its debut at the end of May, but it’s nowhere to be found.

As I mentioned in my email, I’m just not completely convinced yet to purchase an InStyler. I’ve read reviews that have made me cautious. I’ve also eyeballed it a few times at Target but walked away from it … yes, I actually said no to purchasing a hair item!

While I patiently await the Sonicglide’s arrival (taps nails impatiently on the table), do you think I should stalk follow up with Maxius Beauty, or have I maxed out this discussion (and use of the word max—ha!)? Let me know your thoughts, and I’ll proceed as you wish.

If you’ve used the Maxiglide or InStyler, please let me know your experience. As you know, comments are always welcomed!

UPDATED (11-21-12): Ding! Ding! I received a message from Masood Max, the creator of the Maxiglide. Apparently, a limited amount of Maxiglides will be available for purchase through Maxius Beauty’s Website, starting Black Friday. Hopefully, the Maxiglide XP will be available. I give Max kudos for following up with us fans. Once again, let me know if you’re able to snag an XP and try it.

UPDATED (1-31-13): Gasp! The Sonicglide is here! You can purchase one at ShopNBC. Thank you, Pooneh, who informed us in the comments below. The only thing that surprises me is that The Sonicglide looks and works like the Maxiglide … except that it vibrates? Hmm … intrigued. I thought this would be a completely different model. What’s funny is that the new promotional video showcases the original hair model (from the older videos), who has a great curly mane. If anyone makes a purchase, please let me know. I may have to snag one for myself, ur, I mean my sister. 😉

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  • BonneTsunami

    I’ve had a maxius for somewhere between 8 and 10 years, I think… I know I got it either just before or just after I got married and I’ve been separated and divorced for 5 years now. Anyway… I dropped it and the plastic at the hinge broke rendering it virtually impossible to use. Thanks for the heads up about how the product has changed.

    Just a note on the InStyler, I bought it, $139 later, I’ve let a friend borrow it because it is totally useless on my hair. I have waist length hair, its fine in texture but hairstylists have always made comments on the sheer amount of hair I have on my head.

    She likes it, so I’m hoping she’ll buy if from me instead of me having to go through the hassle of returning it and monitoring my card for the refund.

    • First, I’m sorry to hear about your divorce. I’m sure better things lie ahead. Second, you had your Maxiglide for a long time! What are you using now to straighten your hair? As you know, I haven’t been thrilled with the newer Maxi model, but I’m hoping that the Sonicglide will be an upgrade.

      Sounds like the InStyler is a hit or miss. I’m interested in knowing your friend’s hair texture, especially since it didn’t work on your hair, which I’m sure is amazing. 🙂

      My Maxiglide works for now … but once it kicks the can, I may give the InStyler a whirl … I’ll definitely let you know!

  • Pooneh

    Sonicglide is here and available on ShopNBC,

    • Thank you for the heads up!! Gasp! It’s here! If you decide to snag one, please let me know your results.