In Case You Missed It: Oprah’s Afro Wig & Hair Talk

O Magazine Sept 2013

O Magazine, September 2013

While I was MIA (see newest post on Forecasting 2014), there have been a lot of natural hair news going around … as usual! In case you missed the September 2013 issue of O Magazine, sit back, relax, and let me catch you up. The Big O (love calling her that) treated us to her “Hair Extravagaaaanza!” Okay, so I added the extra flair with the pronunciation, but Oprah really did make a splash with this issue.

The orange-hued cover set the tone for the magazine’s circus-themed feature. Oprah, looking subliminally feline, is decked out in an orange dress topped off by the biggest, most majestic mane I’ve ever laid eyes on. Her afro took up the bulk of the cover. Did you see it? Trust me. It was hard to miss. Check out the images torn from my copy.

Within the covers, Oprah explains that she was wearing a 3.5 pound afro wig she’s named “Wild Thang.” Fun! Kudos to Gayle King who likened the faux natural look to The Lion King. LOL!

Oprah Hair O Mag Sept 2013.jpeg

On left, Oprah werks her “Wild Thang.” On right, she proudly shows off her real hair.

The Queen of All Media also confessed to wearing wigs while taping her renowned talk show in order to give her hair a break. Yep, you can’t blame her for wanting to protect her tresses. Back in the day (yes, I took it there), supermodel Gail O’Neill had the most drool-worthy natural hair that I ever saw. As time progressed and her career took off, I noticed that her enviously long locks started to lose its luster and length. I’m assuming here that the ever changing fashion and beauty game just wasn’t kind to Gale’s hair. I’m sure Oprah experienced similar issues.

While “Wild Thang” was spotlighted on the cover, Oprah’s real hair was once again revealed in the back of the magazine. Her self-described “untouched-by-any-hands-other-than-my-own real hair” is set loose. The appearance is similar to a blown out ’fro. Although Oprah says it’s au naturel, her longtime hairstylist Andre Walker explains that “she has very little relaxer in her hair now, so we’ve been exploring her natural texture, twisting or braiding then setting it free!” Cue the debate on whether or not a mild relaxer constitutes natural hair. I say … nay, but to each their own!

O Magazine Sept 2013 Natural Hair

Interesting tidbit: O Magazine mentions that the sales of relaxers have plummeted to almost 40 percent from 2007 to 2012, according to market research firm, Mintel. The firm predicts a full drop of 50 percent by 2017.

Nevertheless, I love the artistic layout of this issue, which committed to the circus motif. O Magazine was spot-on in recommending Hello Hydration Conditioner for thick and coarse hair. The writer(s) also provided similar tips that us hair bloggers have been preaching day in and out, such as finding a great gel and conditioning often. Makes me wonder if O’s research department has been visiting the blogosphere. Hmmm.

I wish they could have mentioned other styling options like puddings, but I’m sure the breakdown would be too dense. After all, the magazine was highlighting a diverse array of hair types, with only a few pages dedicate to natural hair. Plus, that’s why you come here, so I can break it all down for ya!

Overall, the September O Magazine was worth the read, including the article on how Oprah prepped for her role in Lee Daniels’ The Butler. Missed it? Check out my images, visit O Magazine’s website, or head over to your local library (remember those? Sigh.) for a copy. Sound off below!

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