10 Steps For A Wash and Go

It’s summer time! Woo hoo! It’s the perfect season to lay out in the sun and usher in your wash-and-go routine. There’s no better way to showcase your curls than through this technique. Not to mention, this basic, natural hairstyle for natural hair can also help some curlies maintain healthy hair and experience growth. Pros: This easy hairstyle showcases your… View Post

Nay’s Product Staples

Click here to view the most recent products that I am using and recommend. All-Star products that I consistently use are indicated by an asterisk*. You can find my product reviews on this blog. If you are interested in purchasing items, click on the links below. If you’ve tried these items, please share your thoughts, tips, and experiences! Shampoos: Creme… View Post

My Hair Story

Welcome to My Curly Mane! I started this blog to help inspire others and share stories about naturally curly hair, spirituality, and life’s journey … as well as to quit boring my non curly victims family members and friends with the joys and challenges of having naturally curly hair! Today, it is not unusual to see a lot more curlies… View Post