Forecasting 2014

Hey Curlies! After a waaaaayyyy too long hiatus, My Curly Mane is back! Yes, just in time for the New Year. I want to start 2014 on a good foot by updating this blog more frequently and bringing you more of what you love. Soooo sorry to keep you hanging! What Had Happened Was … Now what exactly happened, you… View Post

Holy Humectants, Batman!

You probably have noticed that I’ve been doing some research on the science behind our natural hair. You say: Luuuuccy, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do! I say (throws hands in the air): But Riiiicky, let me explain! In case that all went over your head, you gotta catch at least one episode of I Love Lucy–throwback! Back to my… View Post

The Perpetual Protective Pony: A Sleepy Summer Style

The best protection any woman can have… is courage.” ~Elizabeth Cady Stanton For the past few months, I have been basking in the yummy warmth that summer presents. You could easily find me stretched out (in a quiet, bug free zone!), with my arms and legs extended wide. When my eyes are closed, a simple smile spreads across my face… View Post

Hair Porosity … What & Why??

Now, I’ve been praising the miracles of moisturizing natural hair with leave-in conditioners and sealing the cuticle layer (the outermost layer of hair) with an oil or butter. Now, I’m throwing a monkey wrench into the mix. Uh, huh. This one must be explained since it affects us all: porosity. Huh? Confused? I don’t blame ya! I heard sprinkles of… View Post