Snoop … Lion And The JA/Marley Effect

Open your eyes; look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?” ~ Bob Marley

Snoop Dogg becomes Snoop Lion

Snoop Dogg embraces Rastafarians, becomes Snoop Lion.

When you say Snoop Dogg, most people conjure up images of smoke … (we’ll keep it PC for the kids!), “Dropping It Like It’s Hot,” or if you’re like me, his shiny natural hair. So, you can imagine my surprise upon hearing that our “old G” has been reborn as “Snoop Lion.” Yes … Snoop … Lion, as in the Rastafarian reference to the Lion of Judah.

During a 35-day retreat in Jamaica, Snoop fell in love with the island (Can you blame him? 😉 )  and Rastafari. He visited a rasta temple where he was given the Ethiopian name Berhane, meaning “light of the world.” Moved by his experience and “tired of hip hop,” Snoop believes that he is “Bob Marley reincarnated.”

Pauses. Scratches head. Bob Marley reincarnated??!!

Apparently the Marleys agree, as Bob Marley’s son, Rohan, gave Snoop his blessing. Snoop (eh, em) Lion will chronicle his spiritual development and experience in an upcoming reggae album called Reincarnated.

“Reggae was calling … it’s a breath of fresh air,” he said. “Rap isn’t challenging; it’s not appealing.” Snoop went on to name legendary reggae artists Peter Tosh and Jimmy Cliff as other influencers.

I’m happy to have JA on the map and, most importantly, in a positive light. I just hope that this isn’t another gimmick or Hollywood ploy to cash in on my bredren!

I understand that the island can inspire you. Snoop isn’t alone. James Bond creator and author, Ian Fleming, used his Jamaican retreat, Goldeneye, as a backdrop in his novels.

And the music–majestic. I may be totally biased, but have you seen how people act in a club once the music switches to reggae? LOL. Blame it on the drums and bass.

Bob Marley’s quote on life

Given the greatness that is Bob, the beauty of finding spirituality, and the Cali-coolness of Snoop, I’ll give this one a pass … for now. I just wonder if this is the end of Snoop’s curly mane or if he will lock it up in dreads and stuff them into his tam the way a true rasta man does.

Him a turn dread fi fashion, a fi dem, a fi we? 😉

Only time will tell. For now, let’s congratulate Snoop on his turn in life and apparent newfound relationship with Jah. Let’s also remember a few lessons from Bob, a man who remained true to himself and his beliefs, regardless of however controversial and rejected they may have been. From Paul McCartney to the Fugees and No Doubt, Bob continues to leave his mark 31 years after his death! Let’s do the same. Live a life worth living and shape generations to come.

Click here to read more about Snoop Dogg’s transformation to Snoop Lion.

In case you’ve been deprived (say it isn’t so!) or just want to celebrate all that is Bob, don’t forget to catch his “Rock Doc” (and locks) on VH1 this Sunday!
UPDATED: The documentary premieres on Saturday, 8-4-12!

One Love.



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