Soft Water and Social Spotting

Yes, it’s been a minute, but guess what? I’ve recently returned to chronicling my hair … on Instagram! See above. Fortunately, My Curly Mane has been retaining lengths, with rapid growth in the last 6 months. Woot woot! I’ve been rattling my head as to what changes have taken place (a lot in life!). My investigation leads me to believe that it’s a combo of my body changing, shifts in my diet (not necessarily for the better, gulp), and … soft water! Yeeeeaaaaas!

If you check out my older post, I go on and on about the damaging effects of hard water on hair. Well, I recently moved and fortunately have much softer water in my new home. How did I notice this? Well, my cleansers work 10xs better, and I see waaaaay less hair in the shower after washing. I’m still in shock and awe over how much this affects my products’ performance. I now need to use less product and experience fewer build up. It’s no wonder that one product can have such varying effects on people’s hair.

Hair typing aside, it also has to do with molecular, scientific-y stuff (wasn’t about to throw on my lab coat and break it down today!). On a serious note, you should revisit that post if you’re interested in softening your water system. Believe me. It really does make a difference. I can only image my hair length today had I had softer water in years past.

If you’re not into being social on social (ha, ha!), no need to worry. I’ll still drop some updates here as well as in my emails. Have you signed up for notifications yet and gotten your free e-book? It’s jam packed with helpful tips. Yes, for free! More tips that you can use as well as deets on my hair changes and goals are coming soon.

Shifting gears again: As much as I love the look of this site (my baby), I’m thinking about updating it’s look. Is it time for My Curly Mane to have a makeover? You decided. Chime in below! Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

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