Sonicglide Part 2: Features & Comparison To Maxiglide (Video)

Part 2 of the Sonicglide series is here! In this installment, I highlight the features of the Sonicglide and compare this steam straightener to the Maxiglide. In case you’ve never heard of either flat iron, there’s no need to worry. I’ll fill you in.

The Maxiglide is a hair straightener that uses steam to literally iron out curls. In my previous post on the Maxiglide, I discussed my success in using this iron. I also shared my inability to locate and purchase another model, disappointment with the newer models (pre-Sonicglide), and correspondence with Maxius Beauty, the company behind the Maxiglide. Last year, I was informed that a new model, the Sonicglide was on its way. Well, as you know, it has arrived.

In Part 2 of My Curly Mane’s four-part video series, you’ll see how closely the Sonicglide mirrors the Maxiglide. Originally, the Sonicglide was marketed as a vibrating iron … but I didn’t notice any vibrations. There also wasn’t any mention of this in the packaging or instruction manual. In fact, inquiring minds (my own and perhaps yours as well!) believe that this may be the same tool as the Maxiglide. Hmmm … I’ll delve further into this in the conclusion of this series. For now, tune into the second video.

In case you can’t view the video above, click here to watch it on YouTube.

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