Sonicglide Part 3: Prepping Your Hair For Straightening (Video)

It has arrrriiiiived! Introducing part three of the four-part series on the Sonicglide! In this video, I show you how to do a braid-out–the perfect style for pre-straightening your hair. Braid-outs create a looser, wavier texture, so you don’t have to use as much heat to straightened tightly curly hair.

When I braid my hair, I air dry it overnight, so I can skip using a blow dryer. Once again, the less heat the better! Also, you should use a silicone-based product to seal in moisture and work as a heat protectant.

While braid-outs are great starters for using a Sonicglide, I get the best results when I roller-set my hair and dry it under a hooded dryer prior to straightening. Your hair will be looser than doing a braid-out and veerrry soft from the dryer. The end result after straightening is bouncy, flowy hair. If you’ve had a “Dominican roller-set” then you know what I’m referring to. I highly recommend this technique!

A braid-out is one of the simplest, classic styles for naturals. You can keep your hair in this ‘do or proceed to part 4 of this series (soon to come!).

In case you aren’t able to view this above, watch this tutorial on My Curly Mane’s YouTube channel. Enjoy!

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