Thandie Newton Goes Natural

Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton and her curly mane, courtesy of Kay Montano

You may have seen her in Mission Impossible 2, Crash, or For Colored Girls, among an impressive list of other films. However, Thandie Newton first made an impression on me in the 1991 film, Flirting. She and Nicole Kidman, who sported her beautiful red hair  (oh, I wish she could reclaim her curly mane), were just budding actresses at the time. Thandie’s career, like Nicole’s, took off. She’s since been herald for her talents as a Bafta award-winning actress as well as for her beauty. Little did we know that throughout it all, Thandie was also struggling with her naturally curly hair.

In an interview with make-up artist Kay Montano of, Thandie opens up about her childhood experiences and spending two years growing out her relaxer.

“To be honest I do struggle with hairdressers, even now. The main problem is that hairdressers (and some at the top of their game) don’t understand how my type of hair changes dramatically depending on what climate, substance, effects it. Water in any form is like a cheeky magic wand – even mist! But with the correct tools, my kind of hair can do ANYTHING, which is brilliant!”


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