Ultimate Curly Hair Tutorial, Indeed

I nearly died when I watched this tutorial by a vlogger named Mya aka frugalartist on Youtube. Reasons why I-die (you’ve got to say it like my undercover curlie girl Rachel Zoe!):

  1. Her hurrr is fiiiiiierce
  2. Love the throwback Hilary Banks hair style at the end
  3. She says “hurrr” a lot (like me)
  4. Hi-la-ri-ous (very witty!)

Now, I’ve had misses with Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie, which has proved successful for this curly girl. She makes me want to revisit this, especially since I have a whole jar remaining under my bathroom sink.

Her mane is different from my own, but her technique includes all the essential steps: wash, leave-in conditioner, oil, style, DON’T TOUCH, dry. The key takeaway, which I mention in my 10 steps for a wash and go, is to not touch your hair after applying products and before drying. Mya/frugalartist also infuses Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil, one of my products staples, into her hair. She uses it to seal in water or a leave-in conditioner. I occasionally skip this step and just add oil after my hair is dry (to moisturize and soften hard holding products).

Sit back, watch this amazing mane, and feel free to droool as I did.

If you watched this tutorial and are now feeling blue, remember the following:

I will embrace and celebrate other curlies as well as my own hair. I will use their gorgeous tresses to motivate and encourage me to respect and nurture my curly mane.” ~Nay

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